Building your own home is easier than before, it also gives you greater flexibility. IMPORTANT as it would be to your advantage to incorporate as many ’green concepts’ as possible less reliant on the grid you are in the future, the better. Designing with the future in mind, can save you a fortune in the long-run, additionally ’green features’ add significantly to the value of your property.

The world is changing and the further you look forward with your design, the better. The time will come when ’green features’ will become commonplace in all structures. Conversions of existing properties will prove to be much more expensive than a new build.

How Green Homes Benefit You Reduced Energy Consumption

Our number one reason for promoting and building green homes? Overall reduction of energy consumption. That translates into money savings for you year after year.

Increased Resale Value

Green homes have a higher resale value, based on reduced energy needs and lower overall operating costs.

Reduced Water Consumption

Reduced water consumption saves you money over the lifetime of your home.

Longer Lasting Structures

Because some recycled products have a longer life than natural materials, specifying recycled materials and products can add to the lifetime of the project and reduce yearly maintenance. Durable structures can be achieved through moisture management, applied building science, execution of building envelopes, careful materials specification and selection, and through partnering with ethical, responsible Designers and Builders.

Cleaner, Safer, Healthier Air

Green home designs can include specifying building materials, coverings, carpeting, flooring and paints that are low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds) creating a home with less indoor air pollution than conventional new homes and renovations.

Many people aren’t aware of all the ’green features’, many believe that it is just Solar Panels and Wind Turbines, but it is so much more than that.

Construction materials, design elements, insulation choices designing a ’green home’, is a maze of choices and opportunities.

To ensure that you make the most of what is possible, book an appointment with Vic Parnell and look
forward to a ’greener future’. VP Designs is also able to assist with the conversion of existing
properties to ’greener living’, call for details.