Architectural Technologist - Vic Parnell, established his company VP Designs in 1998.

During the last twenty-one years, the company has grown from strength to strength, the key to this success is perhaps, due to the personality of the owner. Vic’s approach is a unique combination of artistry and practical application —essential elements when it comes to design.

Vic and his team approach every project, be it an no expenses spared dream house or a simple conversion of a garage into a cottage, with professionalism and dedication to detail. Furthermore, VP Designs take pride in their extensive knowledge of legal requirements and bylaws —they don’t cut corners with the essentials.
VP Designs is compliant with SANS 10400XA and SANS 204 for energy efficiency in buildings.

VP Designs provide a comprehensive design service from conceptual sketches all the way through to project completion. They also offer a mechanical engineering drawing and design service for both small and large businesses. This is yet another key ingredient to their success, they cater for a varied market —reflecting the needs for the KZN market. They are leading experts in subdivisions and conversions of residential to business properties.

Over the last few years —perhaps a bit ahead of their time, VP Designs have surged ahead regarding ECO-Building. Their experience allows clients to avoid the ’gimmick’ pitfalls of sustainability and produce functional designs, encompassing energy efficiency, sustainability and practical solutions for future living.

Often, there is a vast gap between ’the ideas’ and ’the budget’, but with their expertise VP Designs close this gap with flair, innovation and knowledge.

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